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A nice surprise
This week I received the gift package from polnaya_lipa, all the way from Russia.

I picked it up from the post office despite my recent foot surgery and stupid surgical shoe. I needed something to cheer me up, damnit. Also, the post office is quite near school, so. :)


Within, there were 48 bags of herbal tea! Definitely going to try one tonight.

As if that wasn't enough, guinea pig-related cards! Whichever two students get me gifts next are going to be the lucky winners of the guinea pig thank you cards. XD

There was chocolate goodness, too, not that I need it right now. Enjoyed it anyway. The bear bar is already gone. :X

A fancy planner was involved.

As well as some creams that I don't quite understand, though they do look nice!

In any case, it's been a really tough week with the foot surgery recovery and what seem to be hundreds of tasks to do at school, so this was a sweet treat amidst the negative. Thanks so much for your generosity, polnaya_lipa and thanks to ikel89, as well!

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what a cool package :)

What a nice package! Hopefully it lifted your spirits, and I hope you're recovering well.

What an awesome package!

Yay, package! Glad that it brightened up a tough week (though bummer about the negatives that needed brightening in the first place.)

The tea looks very fancy and nicely varied, the chocolate yummy, and the guinea pig cards are ADORABLE!

The creams are called "velvet hands" and are macadamia oil based. The black tube is hand lotion, I think, and the white tube is oil for hands/nails -- apparently it strengthens nails, if I'm reading the slightly blurry text right.

I am woefully behind on LJ and was actually off line for a while (at sea with no internet *gasp!*) but I hope you're recovering well. *hugs*

ahh, yours reached you now, too! <3 i hope it cheers you up, and please get better stat \o/

Omg, those teas look amazing... especially the raspberry one!

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